Friday, August 22, 2008

Rob Eagar: Free Audio Teaching Session

Rob Eagar is the founder of WildFire Marketing who helps authors, speakers, and publishers spread their message and sell more books through innovative marketing strategies.
I signed up for Rob's mentoring program this summer--and I've learned more about building my author platform in the past two months than I have in all the conference workshops I've taken or books I've read.
Rob knows his stuff.
Rob's offering a free audio teaching session: "Turn Media Interviews Into Book Sales"

In this teaching session, Rob Eagar spells out how to maximize book sales and platform growth once you've already booked a radio or TV interview…even if you write fiction. Here's a peek at some of the important issues that he covers:

1. How to prepare for an interview.
2. How to set proper goals and determine real results from your interview.
3. How to control an interview – even with a difficult host.
4. Specific techniques to help your interview boost your book sales.
5. Plus, Rob shares a secret most interview hosts don't want you to know...

Go here to listen to Rob's 34 minute free audio teaching. You can also get a written transcript.

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